Prevent player queues and scale your game servers on demand​


AWS, GCP, Azure and Tencent integration


Customizable to cater to your needs

Automatic deploy

Automatically deploy your gaming-dedicated instances based on your player count

Multi-Cloud scaling flexibility

Estimating CCUs is hard. Your game on launch day may exceed your expectations, your player base might enjoy your game more during evenings or weekends; there are plenty of reasons to be out of compute resources. Our game server Orchestrator has got that covered. Through our API and UI you can create a deployment environment and scale Game Servers up and down whenever and wherever you need. ​

server peaks and orchestrator

Empower player peaks

Our Game Server Orchestrator supports game server deployments on our Bare Metal, with additional scaling into multiple public clouds (GCP, AWS, Azure), ensuring you never run out of capacity, even in those unexpected moments. With rapidly growing global coverage, you can place your game server as close to your community as possible.​


Unity & Unreal supported

Our SDK for Unity and Unreal provides an easy way for you to enable communication between the game server instances, orchestrator and your game backend for quick and efficient deployment, scaling and management of game servers.​

No Impact Patching orchestrator

No-Impact patching

Use in-house built tools for your game version changes with no impact. We’ve developed the tools in cooperation with game publisher studios, for the most efficient transition between game builds.​

Dedicated servers

One Platform

Manage your global player capacity all in one control panel. Create applications, deployment profiles, environments and fleets for the optimum performance of your game, while keeping costs at bay. ​

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“i3D.net was really helpful, especially in the Middle East and South America.”

Brian Jesse, Server Engineer at Psyonix

Optimize your global hosting strategy with our game server Orchestrator

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Hosting strategy

Whether you require extra compute or connectivity capacity, predefined growth mechanisms will scale your game up and down automatically, without having you move a finger.​

Deployment profiles

In a single portal you can deploy game servers for all gaming platforms, all at once. Select deployment regions as close to your player base and create unmatched experiences for your players.​

Scaling up

When your game hits the jackpot, you need to capitalize on that. With our game server Orchestrator, you are ready for unexpected growth at any time at any location. Be ready to make your players happy.​

Scaling down

You never know what is going to happen, therefore you may as well have a plan B. With the game server Orchestrator, you can scale down your game servers and avoid unnecessary fees for unused resources.​

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