About Global Game Servers

The ultimate low latency game hosting company

Our Story

As part of i3D.net group, Global Game Servers™ focusses on keeping the game industry on its toes, by providing unmatched customer experiences round the clock and the globe. Whether it’s computing power, whether it’s connectivity or even the access to over 20+ years of industry experts, GGS never under-promises and always over-delivers.

Follow the footsteps of our trusted partners and become an impactful member of our, not so small, GGS family of over 300M+ global monthly active members.

Hands off

Both, Global Game Servers™ and our customers recognize that managing the entire fleet of game servers is a burden, especially when you do not have the in-house knowledge or the “how-to”. Which is why our customers keep on delivering best-of-class products for their end-users, leaving all the cumbersome game server environment management to GGS experts. Do what you do best, right?

What latency?

Global Game Servers™ utilizes i3D.net’s network for its global server deployments. The beauty of i3D.net’s network lays in the foundations of it, you see, it was built to handle enormous amounts of game traffic with the lowest possible latency in mind. With rigorous network optimizations, more than 45 points of presence on 6 continents and 300M+ extremely happy monthly active users, we can state that latency with GGS is no more.

Did we mention it’s global?

As a part of i3D.net group, Global Game Servers™ utilized its global infrastructure for game server deployments in 45+ locations spread over 6 continents around the globe, as close to your end-users as possible. With a server fleet presence in even the most remote corners of the world, you can be sure that your players will have the best gaming experience available in the market.

Our expertise

Strategic partnerships, AAA hardware, impeccable network and expertise allows Global Game Servers™ to deliver premium services for our customers no matter where or when they are. With an entire technology stack being privately owned, GGS delivers leading bang-for-buck game hosting solutions in the industry.

It all starts with the hardware! We have several locations with our standard compute offering. From North America to Australia and everything in between.

In addition to our compute resources offering, you can also combine it with anti-cheat, DDoS protection, Content Delivery Network (CDN), instance distribution and management services.

Get started

For you to truly understand the service superiority of Global Game Servers™, you are more than welcome to test the infrastructure as you wish with a free test server for a month! You will be able to throttle the compute resources, abuse the network to its maximum capabilities and in the meantime witness the greatness of GGS game hosting infrastructure.

Don’t take our word for it

Test it yourself with one of our global game test servers.