DDoS Protection for Games

Protect your game servers & keep your community online​

API/JSON integration

API/JSON integration into your backend to allow customizable features like scanning custom IPs from legitimate players​

Advanced DDoS protection

Overflow DDoS attacks onto our privately owned infrastructure, leaving your game servers unharmed​

Edge protection

Blocking threats at the edge, not adding any additional latency to the game so your players are secured without knowing it themselves.​

Protect your player community

Video games are targeted by DDoS attacks more and more, accounting for a third of all DDoS attacks, resulting in poor player experience and increasing cloud costs while interrupting the experience for your player community. ​

Our DDoS Protection is based on a feature set to craft a shielding DDoS defense by utilizing our API/JSON integration, battle-tested by ourselves for the past 10+ years to protect our Consumer Game Servers.​

Dynamic Whitelisting anti-ddos

Dynamic whitelisting

Our DDoS protection for games solution allows you to use very specific traffic stream filters. Enabling you to base the protection for your game on a dynamic whitelist allowing us to filter out traffic on the edge before it enters the network, keeping faulty traffic out of your player’s sight.​

Dedicated servers

No burden for your players

To protect your game from faulty traffic without adding latency our solution works on the edge of our network, not sending it to scrubbing centers, so that your players can enjoy premium gaming experiences worldwide.​

API Driven DDoS protection

API driven

Fully API-driven solution, allowing you to tailor your own protection as needed by our protection profiles and white/grey/black-lists. ​

Null-Routing in DDoS protection

More than simply null-routing

We don’t just drop all traffic once a DDoS attack is happening. With our extensive features and the benefits of i3D.net’s extensive network, malicious traffic is blocked at the edge, thus not reaching your servers. And if need be, it is pushed onto our backbone to go on until the attackers stop, without troubling you. ​

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“i3D.net has a relentless focus on technical excellence regarding the network and server hardware, and quick responses. Their ability to partner with us on a level of technical engagement allows us to make the best decisions for our users.”

Mark Smith, Director of Infrastructure at Discord.

Keep your community safe and your game servers online

Talk To an Expert

Our experts are at your disposal

Network architecture is a complex beast on its own, let alone defending it for DDoS attacks. Our experts are at your disposal to help you define an Anti-DDoS strategy to keep your game online. ​


With your Anti-DDoS strategy set, all you need to do is create your protection profile by providing IP addresses, ports for protection and the protocol you are running. ​

Automated Execution

Once implemented, our DDoS for games automatically executes your commands to protect your game servers worldwide. ​

An ever-changing world

The world changes fast, and attackers find new ways to DDoS games daily, through our dashboard you can keep track, and we’ll help you to re-evaluate and keep your game servers protected.​

Launch your Multiplayer Game with the highest standards