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Host your players on our game servers, globally

45+ PoPs


22+ Tbps

network capacity

30 ms

avg. latency worldwide

Global availability

Compute resources run on bare metal provided by on a global scale, and are directly connected to a network designed for video games. With core-to-ram ratios optimized for video games, from AAA, III and indie studios, we ensure that you get the lowest ping and the highest performance.

Optimized Core to RAM Ratio

Optimized Core-to-RAM ratio

Whether you’re building a full-fledged open-world game, a session-based shooter, or a party game, our game server instance types are designed for your game type. Not optimized enough? Our team will help you find the most suitable choice.

Easily ported into your games’ backend

Easily ported into your games’ backend

With our API endpoints you can automate everything, including managing and monitoring your game server instances on a bare metal level, right in your backend. 

Low ping times

Low ping times

All game servers are directly connected to our private 22+ Tbps network, designed for latency-sensitive video games. We consistently provide the lowest ping times, and constantly improve players’ experiences around the globe. 

Dedicated Resources for you

Dedicated resources for you

The gaming-optimized instances on our global game servers are not virtualized, your game will be the only project running on the allocated resources. 

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“We want consistent hardware because we want consistent experience across the planet. The expertise of the engineers and access to those engineers is paramount. We’re delivering a game-as-a-service, it is not something we can just throw over to someone else. It is a collaborative effort.”

Jan Harasym, Online Infrastructure Engineer at Massive Entertainment

​How to execute your game hosting strategy with Global Game Servers?

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Game servers

Every game is different, and so are the server instances your game leverages. Together we define your game’s needs per game server instance; Intel or AMD EPYC CPU’s? 1:4 physical core to RAM or a different ratio? We define your game server instance together and provide you with free resources on bare metal to validate. ​

Estimated CCU

Estimating CCU for launch day is hard, although you may have a benchmark and run on your marketing team’s estimations, it stays difficult to predict. We will provide you with a cost-efficient mechanism to ensure you serve your players without delay while staying on top of the finances. ​

Resource allocation

Once your Game Servers are defined and we have a ballpark game server instance estimate you need for launch day, we will be there to help you with resource allocation to ensure you have all the bare metal instances you need.​


Unexpected peak in CCU? We can scale your game server instances on multiple bare metal machines or into the cloud, depending on your needs. We can also scale down in case your predictions do not work out without tying you down.​

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