Keep your games fair without leaving a trace.

Rule Sets

seamlessly integrate and rapidly customize your inquiries to assess gameplay activities you can track.

Server-Side Anti-Cheat

Server-Side Anti-Cheat leaves no traces on the player’s computer

Data-based classification

Proprietary Rule Engine to determine whether a player is cheating based on data classification

Non-invasive, real-time, Anti-Cheat

Our Anti-Cheat is a non-invasive, customizable, server-side system that utilizes our proprietary rule engine and database structure operating in real-time. The rule engine evaluates players’ actions on two different statistical markers to identify cheating as it occurs, beating the game of having to search for new cheats.

Platform agnostic game integrity

Platform agnostic game integrity

Regardless of the platform your game is played on, we can snipe the cheaters in your game. Our rule engine checks what your players are doing and matches it to statistical benchmarks, all automated and based on your needs.

Customizable Anti-cheat

Fully customizable

FairFight’s rule engine and graduated punishment system can be modified throughout the course of a title’s life. Establish your own tolerance levels for cheats and cheaters, and adjust their penalties as you see fit.

Statistics Driven Anti-cheat

Data Driven

Our Anti-Cheat software interprets selected gameplay events to establish player statistics and build detailed profiles for each and every player of your game. ​

maintaining player base

Don’t kill your player base

Your players are paying the bill at the end of the day: don’t kill your player base in one go. With our graduated penalty system (warning/restriction/suspension) you do not kill your CCU or player base in one go. We have been effective in suppressing and deterring cheaters by imposing prompt and appropriate penalties automatically. ​

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“ was really helpful, especially in the Middle East and South America.”

Brian Jesse, Server Engineer at Psyonix

Keep your battleground clear of cheaters.

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Seamlessly integrate our Anti-Cheat SDK in your game’s back end and let it collect your player gameplay data for the most accurate statistical analysis. Track everything on an intuitive interface.

More than anti-cheat

FairFight provides visibility and unparalleled control over your game. Player information with leader boards and percentiles, email with reports, full chat monitoring, heat maps, and more.​

Algorithmic analysis

Algorithmic analysis of player statistics compares your players’ statistics across an array of performance measures against averages derived from all gamers playing your game​.

Don’t Kill your Player base

We use the results of our statistical analysis and comparison to find anomalies that correlate strongly to the use of cheats. However, we warn your players automatically to stop cheating. ​

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